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Prices from 1st January 2017 Studio recording £25.00 per hour [overtime £25.00 per hour]

CD Mastering  £25.00 per  hour.

Short run CD duplication+ on-body print only

  £1.00 per CD

Simple PVC sleeves add 0.20 per CD

CD duplication with jewel cases or card wallets  p.o.a.

DVD duplication with case and inserts p.o.a.

LAYOUT & DESIGN  Using your files to compile a layout on our templates
Short run CD booklet + CD on-body printing white or silver CD surface
artwork import from your files (JPEG, TIFF, PSD or PDF) will include the set up within a jewel case insert template and a CD on-body template. Prices include proof copies and two changes to design. Quality spec. Inserts 300 DPI CD on-body 600 DPI

CD on-body £20.00 only

2 page book + inlay + CD on-body £40.00  

4 page book + inlay + CD on-body £70.00

8 page book + inlay + CD on-body £100.00  
over 500 are litho-printed on inserts & Trays. To import your own design work for our robot printers will be £20.00 and other charges as above extra to the duplication costs.

To clarify:our page/side booklet prints are per side or page i.e. 1 page insert =1 side. 2 page booklet = 2 sides 4 page booklet=4 sides. These relate to a jewel case booklet insert at the front.


100 CD’s full colour surface print no labels used.

£1.00 per CD

100 CD’s with 2 page/side insert with PVC sleeve.

£2.00 per unit.

100 CD’s with 4 page/side insert with PVC sleeve.

£2.50 per unit.

Does not include layout or design costs. Does include own design import for CD print.

Hillsidestudios 2017

2017 Offers


2017 Offers


2017 Offers

100 CD’s with 4 pages/sides insert with PVC sleeve. £2.50 per CD.